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"Under The Wire" With Debate

On the 13th February 2012 war-correspondent Marie Colvin and photographer Paul Conroy entered war-ravaged Syria to cover ….

The Way Home With Debate

When filmmaker Wael Kadlo picks up his mother from the airport in Beirut, it seems like a rather warm family visit. But Kadlo, who was born in …

Live Concert with the trio: Hemmami. Muslimani, Azar

Ibrahim Muslimani, Rihab Azar and Bakri Hemmami are coming from Syria to devliver their melodies to Denmark …..

Debate: Reclaim The Representation

What we feel, what we believe in, what we think it is possible,it is shaped by …

Wajd: Songs of Separation

Meet the director and the musician Ibrahim Mulimani for a debate after the film 

Privacy Of Wounds

How Do You Tell Completely Authentic Stories From Syria? Would Former Prisoners Be Able To Reveal Their …

Debate: The Freedom of The Press in Syria

Meet the Journalist Paul Conroy, Lena Chawaf, Nagieb Khaja, Joseph Hamood and Ehab Galal in the debate.

"Still Recording" With Debate

Saeed is a young cinema passionate trying to teach the youth in Eastern Ghouta in Syria the rules of filming, but the reality they face is much harsher to .

Lost In Lebanon

Lost in Lebanon gains access to unknown stories in a region that is on the fringes of hell. Spending over a year in Lebanon – in Beirut and on the ….