Debate: Freedom Of Press In Syria

7 Sep 2019, 13:00

Asta, Cinemateket- Copenhagen

Syria has for years been the world’s deadliest country for journalists and citizen journalists, who are caught between the Assad regime and its allies, Islamic State and many other radical Jihadi groups, and the Kurdish forces.

Syrian Doc Days is inviting you to, meet the journalist and photographer Paul Conroy  Lina Chawaf ,Nagieb Khaja, Ehab Galal and Joseph Hamood to hear from them how it is dangerous and difficult to get the news from Syria, and how we can find a solutions to protect the journalists and the corresponding reporters on ground, and what is the steps to have a free media and press in a country like Syria.

More information will be coming  soon.

120 Min
English Dialog
For people over 15 years old