Madness in Aleppo focuses in particular on the work of Dr Hamza Al Khatib and nurse Umm Ibrahim. They tirelessly continued to treat the wounded in the Aleppo's Al Quds Hospital.


The film follows physician Dr. Hamza al-Khatib and nurse Um Ibrahim in al-Quds Hospital, by then the last operational one in besieged East Aleppo, through the lenses of photographer Abd Alkader Habak. Amidst the misery and death, they, with other main characters managed to find moments of love, fun and laughter. With them we live the time of despair but also that of hope. Until the moment comes where they were all forced to leave with no return, for now at least.

8 SEP 2021 At 21:30

Film screening with introduction in Cinemateket

10 SEP 2021 At 16:45

Meet the director Lina Sinjab for Q&A in Grand Teatret


90 min, color, DCP, Arabic, English sub


Lina Sinjab




Lina Sinjab