Four short films in one time, followed by a debate with the director Badi Khlaif

Between Life And Death

Between Life and Death `` is a documentary film that talks about the Syrian revolution that began in 2011. The film highlights several stages, including ISIS’ control over northern Syria ,about the demonstrations that took place in Syrian cities and the asylum journey, which was the only option for hundreds of thousands of Syrians.

Would You Play it again

Mudar is a Syrian actor, flew to Germany by a visa from Beirut, he researches refugee’s journeys who came walking on their feet, for his theatre play and explores the real experiences that immigrants lived throughout their road. After his meeting with a Syrian filmmaker Ammar Obeid, Mudar wants to stand naked outside in the cold of his back yard.

The Essence of Memories

Abdulkader Fattouh, a young Syrian refugee living in France, pursues his lifelong dream to become a “nez”, a master perfumer.

In The bags of strangers

A Syrian poet lives in Exil and writes Poems in order to show support to the Revolution in his<br /> country as well as the reflection of the Revolution in his written literature.

08 sep 2022 at 18:00

Film screening and debate with Badi Khlaif in Panora Folket Bio- Malmo

09 SEP 2022 At 16:30

Meet the director Badi Khlaif for Q&A in Grand Teatret

10 SEP 2022 At 17:00

Meet the director Badi Khlaif for Q&A in Århus