After hard training in the Kurdish women’s army and a war against IS, 19-year-old Hala has a new mission: to liberate her younger sisters from arranged marriages.


19-year-old Hala escaped an arranged marriage by crossing the Euphrates River and finding a new home in the Kurdish Women’s Protection Unit, which soon after liberated her hometown from Islamic State. For her female fellow soldiers, the enemy is not just IS, but the patriarchy in general, with marriage as the ultimate oppressive institution. So Hala decides to free her sisters before it is too late, and whatever the cost – even if this means disappearing from her own film to plan nothing less than an armed attack on her parents’ house. The threat of an arranged marriage and the brutal stories of violent husbands have made many young women like Hala cross the river to get trained in combat. Physically, but also intellectually. But is there still space for freedom and love in Hala’s life when her mission is all-consuming? First-time director Antonia Kilian introduces us to her own thoughts on being a cultural outsider in a situation where the term militant feminism should be understood literally.

9 SEP At 21:30

Film screening with introduction

10 SEP 2021 At 19:15

Meet the director Antonia Kilian for Q&A


92 min, color, DCP,Arabic- kurdish, Eng sub


Antonia Kilian




Antonia Kilian, Frank Müller, Guevara Namer, Merja Ritola