An intimate portrait of Syrian actor Fares Helou, who calls for freedom of speech, is forced out of his home country and experiences the absurdities of exiled existence, told by Syrian director Rami Farah, who films - and shares - his struggle.


This documentary film is a chronicle of a revolution and war, experienced by the famous<br />Syrian actor Fares Helou. Fares’ life changed radically when he joined the people in the<br />streets of Damascus calling for the fall of the Syrian regime. He immediately had to go<br />underground and director Rami Farah joined him in hiding with a camera. When Fares<br />had to flee from Syria to France Rami followed him. However, neither the actor nor the<br />director had a script for the new chapter in their lives: exile. A chapter full of questions,<br />disappointments and alienation, but also of absurdity and cultural confusion that calls for<br />laughter. A Comedian in a Syrian Tragedy is an intimate observation of the psychological<br />violence and the exiled existence experienced by the director and his favorite actor

9 Sep at 17:30

Meet the director Rami Farah and the Syrian famous star Fares Helou after the opening screening in Grand Teater

11 Sep at 15:30

Film Screening with introduction and reception in Huset bio


95 min- color- DCP- Arabic/French- English Subtitles


Rami Farah




Syria- France- Denmark- Jordan- Norway - Qatar


Lyana Saleh for OSOR, Cindy Le Templier for SHASHAT Multimedia Productions , Signe Byrge Sørensen for Final Cut for Real