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Thought. Understanding. Confusion. Vitality. Power. Argument. Collaboration. Heart. Food. Coffee. Images that stay. Words that stay.<br /> Thank you all – guests, volunteers, artists, sponsors, collaborators – for a wonderful Syrian Doc Days 2019. Here are some snapshots from the festival.

Photos From Syrian Doc Days 2019

Press Coverage

Et land i flammer: Har du mistet overblikket over kaosset i Syrien? Ny festival vil gøre dig klogere

För första gången någonsin, syrisk hbtq-dokumentär har världspremiär på ny filmfestival

Six films and six cities in Syrian Doc Days in Scandinavia<br /> Arabic Text

Media Reports from 2019

Telling A Different Story

Meetings, Talks, Stories, came from the hearts to everyone join and participate in our first year of Syrian Doc Days.<br /> We believe that we brought the stories from Syria to Copenhagen, Malmo and Oslo.<br /> Thanks a lot to you to attend and made such an amazing festival

Photos from Syrian Doc Days 2018

Press Coverage

Copenhagen celebrates Syrian Doc Days<br /> ٍSyrian Doc Days is taking place in Copenhagen in 2 days `` 7-8 `` September 2018

Finjan is a project to represent the real face of the Syrian refugees<br /> An interview with Assem Swaid, the founder of Syrian Doc Days and Finjan organization

Documentaries in the memory of a displaced Syrian man<br /> An article about Finjan organization and their activities in Denmark

Tv & Media reports