A Comedian In A Syrian Tragedy

Rami Farah, 95 min, An intimate portrait of Syrian actor Fares Helou

A New Beginning

Ala'a Mohsen 78 min, The arrival as Syrian refugees in Norway turns into a new beginning with challenges for a Syrian man and his young son


Sarah Fattahi 90 min, The story of three Syrian women, each living in a different time and place, separated by the very thing unites them, fear itself and trauma itself,

The Greatest Sacrifice

Eyad Aljarod 95 min, This film is made in order not to let a dominant politics or a triumphant criminal to write our history and tell our stor

Warfare In The Air

Abdullah Alhakawati 95 min, A story of the people in Eastern Ghouta, under siege and before they have been forcibly displaced.

When You Can;t Go Back

Leonardo Cinieri Lombroso 65 min, When you leave your home and you know that you will not be able to go back, so you go forward and move from success to another.

Document A Conflict Zone- Workshop

A workshop facilitated by Nagieb Khaja and Daro Hansen

Short Films groub

I Have Seen Nothing, I Have Seen All- One Way Ticket- Land Of Doom- I Was Here- State OF Siege

Syrian Doc Days Ceremony

Join us to know the winner of our first award. Syrian Doc Days Audience Award, and enjoy Arabic music with Ghays Mansour, Nour Amoura, Mohammed Diab and Bader AL Debs

Panel Debate: Cinema Industry In Syria

Meet Fares Helou, Ramis Farah and Alisar Hasan to hear from them about the Syrian Cinema and its future